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VIP Speakers In Beijing
Welcome to attending our VIP Underwater Photography Seminar in DRT Show Beijing 2018.
Mr. Patrick Ong, Malaysia
Photographer / Writer

Certified to dive since 1997, his fascination with the ocean continues. In 2008, he began committing to underwater photography, like a love affair with the sea. ‘Passion’ is the word that has kept him going in this sport for 21 years. He is a strong influencer, leading the rest of the people who knew him to become divers as well besides spreading his knowledge on marine environment and conservation to many others around him.
Mr. Enzo Zhao, China
AIDA Free Diving Instructor

He is the first AIDA free diving instructor and the first dual system (AIDA & SSI) free diving instructor in Mainland China. He has rich experience of free diving. He is not only the first AIDA Master in Mainland China, but also the National record holder of Static Breath holding. At same time, he is also the Founder of China's first free diving studio (One Free Dive).

Ms. Vika Li, China
Freediving Instructor of AIDA

Vika is a freediving instructor of AIDA. She once won DNF champion, DYN second place and total score second place of 2016 Blue Butterfly International pool competition and the female section 4th place of Asian Freediving Cup 2017. Her score of CWT bi-fin is 53M. Vika has the master degree of psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is also a certified psychiatrist. Vika is very fond of all extreme sports and once won the second place of China Xinjiang ZhaoSu riding endurance.
Mr. Fu Liang, China
Professional Wildlife Photographer

Fu Liang, a professional wildlife photographer. Because of his passion for wildlife, he has been devoting himself to the photography of wildlife, both above and under the surface. In recent years, he focuses on macro and super macro shooting, hoping to deliver the charm of these tiny and delicate creatures to more people through his lens.
Mr. Zhou QiNan, China
Nansen / Founder of DiverChat / Contract Photographer of Visual China Group & 8KRAW / Cooperative Lecturer & Photographer of Sony / CCTV UW Photographer

"The image is beyond my heart." Keeping walking and I keep recording. From《BUDDY》in 2013 to 《THE ADVENTURES IN RAJA AMPAT》 and 《MAGNIFICENT SOUTH AFRICA》 in 2015; from 《CHASING》 in 2016 to 《The World Of The Fishes》, 《Pirates Under The Sea》, 《The Big Guy In Deep Blue》, and《NORWAY2018》 in 2018. Nansen has produced dozens of videos and reached more than ten million of watching. The world underwater through his lens is a living creature, beautiful scenery, diving accompany, and a journey as well.
Ms. PauPau, China
Dive Instructor of NAUI/Executive Director of Chinese Diving Photography Committee/Shark Conservationist

PauPau, Doctor of management, is not only the Vice President and General Secretary of the film and television branch of China Pacific institute but also the founder and general director of 《Dive the World》. PauPau’s underwater photos were displayed nationwide for many times. She has filmed a large number of sharks, so PauPau is known as "the Girl Chasing After Sharks in the World" and won the title “Top 10 of Charming Girls” in 2016. The documentary 《Looking for Whale Sharks 》won the second prize of Micro Film Contest held by Hunan TV. 《Dive the World》directed by PauPau is broadcasted on several online network platform. Now she is in the process of filming a documentary 《Underwater China》, presenting the underwater cultures in China to the world.
Mr. Gary Sun, China

Gary Sun is China's first RAID closed circulatory and respiratory systems instructor trainer officer. He is also the NAUI Diving Instructor, a registered China Underwater Association diving instructor, and executive director of Administration of Ocean and Fisheries of Guangdong Province. Gary has many years of underwater photography practice, with good international and domestic diving and travel experiences. His photographs always publish on media websites, magazines and newspapers.
Mr. Zhang Fan, China
Underwater Photographer

Zhang Fan who grew up in Hainan Province and was graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts fell in love with diving when he was little and has dived all over the world. He now is Canon Best Ten Photographer and also the special photographer of “China National Geographic.” Zhang Fan has published several books and was once invited to shoot Finless porpoise by Chinese Academy of Sciences. He hopes he can deliver his passion of the blue world to more people through his lens.
Mr. Yang Li, China
UTD IT Candidate, Founder of Beijing Hai-Jie Scuba Diving Co., LTD.

In 2012, Diving Instructor Yang Li first knew about UTD, an international scuba diving agency. At that time, he had been trained by many other agencies; however, he was really impressed by the truth of zero accident in UTD for the past 10 years. Certainly, he became an UTD instructor very soon. Then, he became an UTD IT candidate in 2018. He would like to share his experience and deliver the core value of UTD to the public.
Mr. Du JinEn, China
Founder of Azure Club / Director of PADI Courses

Mr. Du Jinen has been engaged in underwater photography for 11 years. He has captured more than 1,000 hours underwater and has covered more than 30 island holiday resorts in four oceans around the world. For six consecutive years, he has reached the Arctic Ice Dive for ice diving activities and created a number of stunning ice photography works. Not only does he have rich experience in photography under the ice, but he is also the only course director in China who can issue an ice diving instructor certificate. Underwater and ice photography were shortlisted for international photography exhibitions. Two gold medals for the Austrian Super Photography Tournament Water Group and underwater photography "Whale Shark Dance" were exhibited in New York and won 41st New York. Photographic Society International Photography Exhibition FIAP Honors.
Ms. Lina Liao, China
CEO of Guangzhou Asian World International Travel Co., LTD / CEO of Majestic Dive Club / Head of Guangdong Division for Miss Scuba International

As a founder of the Guangzhou Asian World International Travel Co., LTD, she has been in travel industry for more than ten years. Not only she is an experienced diving travel professional and diving instructor, but also an ocean conservationist. She dedicates her time to advocate every diving destination in the world, also she established the Majestic Dive Club which hosts Miss Scuba International and a series of ocean environmental and conservational activities. Meanwhile, she is also the agency of famous Taiwanese diving gear brand “SurfaceTension”. The mission for her business is “Protect the ocean in the name of beauty”, she hopes to influence more people by herself, and to promote diving sport together, then to advocate the ocean conservation.
Mr. Zhao Qing, China
CSO of Beijing Scuba Mew Technology / PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer / PADI Freediver Instructor / ANDI CSU Instructor / EFR Instructor Trainer

Zhao Qing got involved in diving in 2011 and became a PADI instructor in 2015. He founded Scuba Mew Technology in 2016. The company is dedicated to diving training and applying internet and artificial intelligence technologies to diving related domains.
Mr. Han Ting, China
Founder and Training Director of Flag Blue Diving

Ting is the first Chinese Rec, Tec and Free diving all-round instructor. Now he is served as PSAI instructor trainer. He is also a cave diving enthusiast and explorer. Ting has been trying almost all different kinds of diving and all aspects of tec diving since he became an instructor. He keeps trying to get involved in the most cutting-edge knowledge developing and diving practicing, devotes himself to become a versatile instructor which provides continuous improved professional diving training. Ting enthuses about cave diving, especial cave diving expedition in the recent years, and is exploring the underwater cave systems in Guangxi recently.
Ms. Louise Chau (Kei Yin), Hong Kong
TDISDI Instructor Trainer Evaluator

Louise Chau certified as an instructor trainer since 2008. She is promoted as the first SDI female Instructor Trainer Evaluator and SF2 Close Circuit Rebreather instructor trainer in Asia Pacific area. She is also a CCR enthusiast and passionate about all diving related matter. Louise keeps learning and polishing her skills after being as a TDI technical instructor since 2004. With her passion of diving , Louise is seeking to pursue more knowledge and advance diving skill to enrich her diving dictionary. As an instructor trainer, she hopes she may pass the positive message and share her experience to encourage more divers become professional especially female diver.
Mr. Henry Tao, China
Professor of Second Military Medical University (SMMU)/Chief Diving Medical Advisor of DAN-AP

Dr. Henry Tao (Tao Hengyi), a retired professor and doctoral supervisor from Second Military Medical University (SMMU), Shanghai, China, is a member of SMMU Committee of Experts, Chief Diving Medical Advisor of DAN-AP, executive member of ICHM and academic advisor of Hyperbaric Medical Institute of San Francisco, etc. He mainly contributes himself into the research of diving medical protection and diving disease mechanism and prevention.
Ms. Momo Hsu, China
Seamaid Design Co-founder

Momo has worked at resources and environmental protection department of Guangdong Marine Fisheries Bureaus, as an assistant secretary to the Guangdong marine ecological protection promotion association. She is also an adviser to the central enterprise group of real estate groups, a number of real estate operators, professional managers, and co-founder of famous domestic Diving Center.
Mr. Eyson Wang, China
DIWA China Representative / DIWA Course Director

Mr. Eyson Wang has been engaged in the research and operation of the sports industry for 10 years. He has studied the relevant policies of the sports industry at all levels of the national, provincial and municipal departments. Mr. Eyson Wang participated in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic, the Liaoning Provincial Games, and the Shandong National Fitness Games, engaging in high-risk sports for many years. In 2014, he joined the sports tourism and the diving industry. He encouraged operators in the diving industry to strive for support from the government through policy research and reasonably avoid the legal risks existing in the operation of high-risk projects.
Mr. Chi Xiang, China
DIWA China Representative / Public Safety Diving Instructor Training Officer / Technical Supervisor of Blue Sky Rescue Team

Chi Xiang, young entrepreneur, supervisor of the public safety diving team of Blue Sky Rescue, and the first public safety diving instructor training officer in China, is an experienced diving rescuer. He inherits features of each diving system, and published “Public Safety Diving Guide”. This time, Mr. Chi Xiang will share some rescue experiences, making public know more about public safety diving and hopes that more people will join public welfare rescue diving team.
Mr. Jun Kim, Korea
SDI TDI Instructor Trainer Evaluator / Owner of Club Hari Dive Resort in Cebu, Philippines

Jun Kim is a very active SDI TDI Instructor Trainer, running his own dive resort “Club Hari Dive Resort” in Cebu, Philippines. He is also an official Razor Sidemount Instructor. His passion is all kind of Technical Diving, especially his major specialty ─ Cave Sidemount Diving. As an Instructor Trainer and a Cave Diving Instructor, he hopes he may pass the positive messages and share his experience to encourage more divers to become professional cave divers.

Events & Programs
3 August 2018 (Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:40~01:20pm Diving Seminar – (DOT)
Stage A
02:00-03:00pm Opening Ceremony Stage A
03:20-04:00pm Diving Seminar – Ms. Lina Liao (Asian World)
Topic: How to Have A High-quality Diving Trip
Stage A
04:10-04:50pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Zhang Fan
Topic: The Unknown World in The Deep
Stage A
05:00-05:40pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Ms. Zhou Fang
Topic: 《Underwater China》
Stage A
4 August 2018 (Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
11:25-12:05pm Diving Technology Seminar – Mr. Zhao Qing (Scuba Mew)
Topic: To Know Our Oceans in Neural Network ─ The Way to Love What We Love
Stage A
12:10-12:50pm Diving Seminar – Mr. Du JinEn (Azure Club)
Topic: Dive into The Polar Ice Sea
Stage A
12:55-01:35pm Diving Technology Seminar – Mr. Han Ting (PSAI)
Topic: Scientific Diving - Apply Your Diving Skills to Real-life Meanings
Stage A
01:40-02:20pm Freediving Seminar – Ms. Vika Li
Topic: Ocean Practitioners: Teaching The Art of Freediving
Stage A
02:25-03:05pm Technical Diving Seminar – Ms. Louise Chau (SDI TDI ERDI)
Topic: The Deep Blue~ Egypt Blue Hole CCR 100m Diving
Stage A
03:15-03:55pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Gary Sun
Topic: This Is What You Should Do in Wide-Angle Underwater Photography
Stage A
04:00-04:40pm Technical Diving Seminar – Mr. Yang Li (UTD)
Topic: Zero Accident in UTD for The Past 10 Years
Stage A
04:45-05:25pm Suunto Lucky Draw Stage A
05:30-06:00pm Lucky Draw Stage A
11:45-12:25pm Freediving Seminar – Ms. Momo Hsu (Seamaid Design)
Topic: Mermaid Fashion~ “Beauty Power” Underwater Show
Stage B
12:35-01:15pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Fu Liang
Topic: Black Water Photography
Stage B
01:25-02:05pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Ms. Zhou Fang
Topic: 《Underwater China》
Stage B
02:10-02:50pm Diving Medicine Seminar – Mr. Henry Tao
Topic: Diving Decompression Sickness
Stage B
03:00-03:40pm Freediving Seminar – Mr. Enzo Zhao
Topic: Secrets of Apnea
Stage B
03:45-04:25pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Patrick Ong
Topic: Liquid Art
Stage B
04:30-06:00pm SDI TDI ERDI Member Meeting Seminar Room
5 August 2018 (Sunday, 10:00am-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:10-12:50pm Freediving Seminar – Ms. Joyce Ng (DIWA)
Topic: 《Underwater China》
Stage A
12:55-01:35pm Technical Diving Seminar – Mr. Jun Kim (SDI TDI ERDI)
Topic: How to Start Cave diving
Stage A
01:40-02:20pm Underwater Photography Seminar –Mr. Patrick Ong
Topic: Liquid Art
Stage A
02:25-03:05pm Freediving Seminar – Mr. Enzo Zhao
Topic: Women Who Take on The Most Dangerous Sport in The World
Stage A
03:15-03:55pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Zhou QiNan
Topic: Water World under Mongolian Yurts
Stage A
04:00-04:40pm Diving Medicine Seminar – Mr. Henry Tao
Topic: Diving Pulmonary Barotrauma
Stage A
04:45-05:25pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Fu Liang
Topic: Imbalanced Lighting
Stage A
05:30-06:00pm Lucky Draw Stage A
02:10-02:50pm Technical Diving Seminar – Mr. Eyson Wang / Mr. Chi Xiang (DIWA)
Topic: DIWA in China
Stage B
03:00-03:40pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Zhang Fan
Topic: All Living Creatures under The Blue
Stage B
03:45-04:25pm Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Gary Sun
Topic: Selection of Camera Lens
Stage B
04:35-05:15pm Freediving Seminar – Ms. Vika Li
Topic: Different Shades of Blue: The Skills of Underwater Modeling
Stage B

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