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VIP Speakers In Beijing
Welcome to attending our VIP Underwater Photography Seminar in DRT Show Beijing 2019.
Mr. Liu Yi, China

Liu Yi is a professional screenwriter. He has written a number of movie & TV plays, such as 'Wolf Warriors', 'Young Justice Bao' and 'My Sisters and Brothers'. In 2010, Yi obtained his first diving license as his birthday gift and became infatuated with diving. If he is not diving, he's on the way to diving. Now Yi is a Wreck Penetration Diver & Go Sidemount Cave Diver of PSAI. He is interested in studying the history behind wrecks, and exploring the beauty of the caves through diving.
Mr. Enzo Zhao, China
AIDA Free Diving Instructor Trainer/SSI Free Diving Instructor Trainer/Founder of One FreeDive China

Enzo Zhao is the first AIDA free diving instructor in China, having rich free diving experience. Meanwhile, he is also the first AIDA master instructor, first generation of AIDA instructor trainer, and the one and only dual system (AIDA & SSI) free diving instructor in Mainland China. Enzo is the first National record holder of Static Breath holding and Free Immersion. At same time, he is also the founder of One FreeDive Club, the largest free diving club in China.

Ms. Vika Li, China
Freediving Instructor Trainer of SSI/Mermaid Instructor Trainer of SSI/Freediving Master Instructor of AIDA

Vika is a Partner of Onefreedive China, she is Freediving & Mermaid Instructor Trainer of SSI, and Master Instructor of AIDA. She is also a freediving athlete. Vika has the master degree of psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is also a certified psychiatrist. Vika is very fond of all extreme sports and once won the second place of China Xinjiang ZhaoSu riding endurance.
Mr. K. Zhang, China
Full-time Underwater Photographer/PADI Dive Instructor

K. Zhang is a full-time underwater photographer, currently residing in Japan. Before starting to scuba diving, K. Zhang has been obsessed with a variety of wild animals. He always enjoys the photographs of the wild animals. When the very first time going scuba diving in 2014, he made a decision of letting others to understand the splendid marine life through his lens and photographs. He wishes to be an underwater photographer in front of people more than to be a scuba diving instructor. He has always been convinced that the pictures that come from "thinking and heart" are more likely to resonate with others. As an underwater photographer, he devoted to showing more people the marvelous underwater world and creatures through the lens.
Mr. Zhou QiNan, China
Nansen / Founder of DiverChat / Contract Photographer of Visual China Group & 8KRAW / Cooperative Lecturer & Photographer of Sony / CCTV UW Photographer

"The image is beyond my heart." Keeping walking and I keep recording. From《BUDDY》in 2013 to 《THE ADVENTURES IN RAJA AMPAT》 and 《MAGNIFICENT SOUTH AFRICA》 in 2015; from 《CHASING》 in 2016 to 《The World Of The Fishes》, 《Pirates Under The Sea》, 《The Big Guy In Deep Blue》, and《NORWAY2018》 in 2018. Nansen has produced dozens of videos and reached more than ten million of watching. The world underwater through his lens is a living creature, beautiful scenery, diving accompany, and a journey as well.
Mr. Fu Liang, China
Professional Wildlife Photographer

Fu Liang, a professional wildlife photographer. Because of his passion for wildlife, he has been devoting himself to the photography of wildlife, both above and under the surface. In recent years, he focuses on macro and super macro shooting, hoping to deliver the charm of these tiny and delicate creatures to more people through his lens.
Ms. Chen YuPing, China

Before becoming a diver and underwater photographer, Yuping Chen has worked for years as an attorney and senior partner at a large law firm in Beijing. She was a very typical “office lady” back then. In 2009, she was attracted to the magnificent and colorful underwater world, for which she started her own diving life. In 2012, she started to learn underwater photography. Through her lens, a lot of unique moments were successfully captured and photographed. As a female underwater photographer, she is very good at photographing some ordinary marine creatures, and captures their unique charm. From the perspective of woman's sensibility, she shows the delicate vitality of the sea and the beauty of nature.
Mr. Zhang Fan, China
Underwater Photographer

Zhang Fan who grew up in Hainan Province and was graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts fell in love with diving when he was little and has dived all over the world. He now is Canon Best Ten Photographer and also the special photographer of “China National Geographic.” Zhang Fan has published several books and was once invited to shoot Finless porpoise by Chinese Academy of Sciences. He hopes he can deliver his passion of the blue world to more people through his lens.
Ms. Wang Miao, China
Founder of Better Blue/Chief Representative of Project AWARE in Greater China

Miao Wang, a lawyer, sommelier, scuba and freediving diver. She is also the founder of Better Blue, chief representative of Project AWARE in Greater China, and the ambassador of Project Seahorse. Besides, she is the winner of 2018 UN Environment Young Champion of the Earth.
Ms. Zhou Fang (PauPau), China
Dive Instructor of NAUI/Executive Director of Chinese Diving Photography Committee/Shark Conservationist

PauPau, Doctor of management, is not only the Vice President and General Secretary of the film and television branch of China Pacific institute but also the founder and general director of 《Dive the World》. PauPau’s underwater photos were displayed nationwide for many times. She has filmed a large number of sharks, so PauPau is known as "the Girl Chasing After Sharks in the World" and won the title “Top 10 of Charming Girls” in 2016. The documentary 《Looking for Whale Sharks 》won the second prize of Micro Film Contest held by Hunan TV. 《Dive the World》directed by PauPau is broadcasted on several online network platform. Now she is in the process of filming a documentary 《Underwater China》, presenting the underwater cultures in China to the world.
Mr. Tan XiaoLong, China
Technical Diving Instructor

Mr. Tan XiaoLong is an experienced technical diving instructor and cave rescue expert. He was involved in the research and rescue of a junior football team trapped in Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand.


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