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VIP Speakers In Beijing
Welcome to attending our VIP Underwater Photography Seminar in DRT Show Beijing 2019.
Ms. Vika Li
AIDA Freediving Instructor Trainer/SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer/SSI Mermaid Instructor Trainer

Vika is a Partner of Onefreedive China, she is Freediving & Mermaid Instructor Trainer of SSI, and Master Instructor of AIDA. She is also a freediving athlete. Vika has the master degree of psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is also a certified psychiatrist. Vika is very fond of all extreme sports and once won the second place of China Xinjiang ZhaoSu riding endurance.
Mr. K. Zhang
Full-time Underwater Photographer/PADI Dive Instructor

K. Zhang is a full-time underwater photographer, currently residing in Japan. Before starting to scuba diving, K. Zhang has been obsessed with a variety of wild animals. He always enjoys the photographs of the wild animals. When the very first time going scuba diving in 2014, he made a decision of letting others to understand the splendid marine life through his lens and photographs. He wishes to be an underwater photographer in front of people more than to be a scuba diving instructor. He has always been convinced that the pictures that come from "thinking and heart" are more likely to resonate with others. As an underwater photographer, he devoted to showing more people the marvelous underwater world and creatures through the lens.
Mr. Zhou QiNan
Nansen / Founder of DiverChat / Contract Photographer of Visual China Group & 8KRAW / Cooperative Lecturer & Photographer of Sony / CCTV UW Photographer

"The image is beyond my heart." Keeping walking and I keep recording. From《BUDDY》in 2013 to 《THE ADVENTURES IN RAJA AMPAT》 and 《MAGNIFICENT SOUTH AFRICA》 in 2015; from 《CHASING》 in 2016 to 《The World Of The Fishes》, 《Pirates Under The Sea》, 《The Big Guy In Deep Blue》, and《NORWAY2018》 in 2018. Nansen has produced dozens of videos and reached more than ten million of watching. The world underwater through his lens is a living creature, beautiful scenery, diving accompany, and a journey as well.
Mr. Fu Liang
Professional Wildlife Photographer

Fu Liang, a professional wildlife photographer. Because of his passion for wildlife, he has been devoting himself to the photography of wildlife, both above and under the surface. In recent years, he focuses on macro and super macro shooting, hoping to deliver the charm of these tiny and delicate creatures to more people through his lens.
Ms. Chen YuPing

Before becoming a diver and underwater photographer, Yuping Chen has worked for years as an attorney and senior partner at a large law firm in Beijing. She was a very typical “office lady” back then. In 2009, she was attracted to the magnificent and colorful underwater world, for which she started her own diving life. In 2012, she started to learn underwater photography. Through her lens, a lot of unique moments were successfully captured and photographed. As a female underwater photographer, she is very good at photographing some ordinary marine creatures, and captures their unique charm. From the perspective of woman's sensibility, she shows the delicate vitality of the sea and the beauty of nature.
Mr. Fan Zhang
Fan Zhang who grew up in Hainan Province and was graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts fell in love with diving when he was little and has dived all over the world. He now is Canon Best Ten Photographer and also the special photographer of “China National Geographic.” Fan Zhang has published several books and was once invited to shoot Finless porpoise by Chinese Academy of Sciences. He hopes he can deliver his passion of the blue world to more people through his lens.
Ms. Wang Miao
Founder of Better Blue/Chief Representative of Project AWARE in Greater China

Miao Wang, a lawyer, sommelier, scuba and freediving diver. She is also the founder of Better Blue, chief representative of Project AWARE in Greater China, and the ambassador of Project Seahorse. Besides, she is the winner of 2018 UN Environment Young Champion of the Earth.
Ms. Wang TianHong
Underwater Photographer/Getty Images Contract Photographer/EPNF Contract Photographer/EPNF Image Public Welfare Ambassador

Wang TianHong has been photographing underwater since 2015. Since then, she has been creating remarkable images, especially in the field of macro photography. She opened up a new form of emotional expression. She has got different champion awards such as “UW Photo Challenge”, “Ocean Geographic”, and “Small Exotic Animals.” It is a challenge for her to expand the boundaries of traditional macro photography, achieving the goal of being more than only a biological documentation. She uses her work to depict the soul and stories of animals and create an atmosphere, making viewers immerse into the wonderful world.
Ms. Azua Shafii
Malaysian Female Freediving Champion / SSI Freediving Instructor / Founder of Apnea Odyssey

Azua Shafii is a Malaysian female freediving champion who holds multiple records for the freediving sport in Malaysia and South East Asia. She is the first SSI Freediving instructor in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. She founded Apnea Odyssey, a dive centre solely dedicated to the promotion and coaching in freediving. While being the first instructor in the country, she still remains the most experienced freediving instructor with over 300 certified new freedivers. In this capacity she is determined to promote freediving and encourage more Malaysian members to represent the country and compete in the international arena. As an educator and competitor, she believes that instructors should have strong work ethic and continuously strive to improve their skills in freediving.
Mr. Jay Huang
Scuba Diving Instructor/Freediving Instructor/Judge of Freediving Competition

The first Chinese freediving contestant in 2010, and also the first certified Chinese freediving competition Judge. In recent years, he focused on freediving safety, competition, and experience sharing in Asia, committing to the freediving society and promoting marine education. As a dad of two kids, he now struggles to strike a balance among family, work, and ocean.
Mr. Chan Wai Leung
DIWA Freediving Course Director

Chan Wai Leung has more than 20 years of diving experience. He now is currently DIWA Freediving Course Director, dedicating to the development of freediving.
Mr. Chris Cheung
Diving Professional

Chris is a pioneer of freediving development in Hong Kong. He is the first AIDA Freediving instructor and the founder of the Hong Kong Freediving Association - the largest Freediving organization in Hong Kong which aims at promoting and developing freediving education. He also is the Hong Kong freediving record holder (CWT -94m depth) making him now is the deepest freediver in Hong Kong with just a single breath!
Mr. Sendoh Wang
AIDA Freediving Instructor

Sendoh Wang was an IC design engineer and is an AIDA freediving instructor trainer. He started freediving in 2012, broke several national records of China. Currently, his personal best is 100M CWT, 95M FIM (National Record for China), and 70M CNF (National Record for China and Asian Record). He has rich and vast experience in freediving training and competition, and has strived to promote recreational and safe freediving in China.
Mr. Yang Li
UTD China Instructor Trainer Candidate/Founder of Beijing UTD Scuba Diving Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yang Li is the 3D survey team of SCKPP Cave Exploration Projects. In 2012, Yang Li first knew about UTD, an international scuba diving agency. At that time, he had been trained by many other diving agencies. Certainly, he became an UTD instructor very soon. Then, he became an UTD Instructor Trainer candidate in 2018.
Mr. Martin Zapanta
Freediving Instructor / Underwater Photographer / Underwater Videographer

A freediving instructor in his native Philippines as well as a national record holder in four freediving disciplines: CWT, FIM, DYN, STA; Martin has all the breath-hold credentials he needs. But he has also developed a wide-ranging imaging skill set—from photography and filmmaking to video editing and color grading—that has seen him work with both Filipino commercial directors and Hollywood professionals, and get noticed by the likes of Redbull, leading local TV network GMA, and print media like the Manila Bulletin newspaper and Hawaii Skin Diver magazine. Martin’s technical abilities and creative eye are in clear evidence, with beautifully choreographed depictions of his fellow freedivers and evocative marine life portraits composed with almost impossible precision. In a word: breathtaking.
Mr. Yang Guang
Male Nation Record Holder of STA in China/PADI Master Instructor Trainer/APNEA ACADEMY Instructor/AIDA Master Instructor/APNEA TOTAL Master Instructor/PADI EFR Instructor

Mr. Yang Guang is a freediving athlete, freediving sport communicator, freediving instructor, founder of EQ workshop, and also the co-founder of Alpha Diving. Yang Guang was a member of 2016 AIDA World Championship China Team and won Champion of STA of 2017 and 2018 Beijing Pool Competition. He insists on attending non-profit EQ workshop monthly to help more freedivers get the “key” to the ocean. Yang Guang believes that enjoyment is much more valuable than depth in freediving, and thinks we should face plastic ocean issues properly and pick up every piece we can reach in water.
Mr. Zhao Qing
PADI IDC Staff Instructor / Freediving Instructor / ANDI CSU Instructor / EFR Instructor Trainer

Zhao Qing got involved in diving in 2011 and became a PADI instructor in 2015. He founded Scuba Mew Technology in 2016. The company is dedicated to diving training and applying internet and artificial intelligence technologies to diving related domains.
Mr. Eyson Wang
DIWA China Representative/DIWA Course Director

Mr. Eyson Wang studied his PhD at Beijing Sport University. He has been engaged in the research and operation of the sports industry for 10 years. He has studied the relevant policies of the sports industry at all levels of the national, provincial and municipal departments. Mr. Eyson Wang participated in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic, the Liaoning Provincial Games, and the Shandong National Fitness Games, engaging in high-risk sports for many years. In 2014, he joined the sports tourism and the diving industry. He encouraged operators in the diving industry to strive for support from the government through policy research and reasonably avoid the legal risks existing in the operation of high-risk projects.
Dr. Henry Tao
Professor of Second Military Medical University (SMMU)/Chief Diving Medical Advisor of DAN-AP

Dr. Henry Tao (Tao Hengyi), a retired professor and doctoral supervisor from Second Military Medical University (SMMU), Shanghai, China, is a member of SMMU Committee of Experts, Chief Diving Medical Advisor of DAN-AP, executive member of ICHM and academic advisor of Hyperbaric Medical Institute of San Francisco, etc. He mainly contributes himself into the research of diving medical protection and diving disease mechanism and prevention.
Mr. Simon Chen
Founder of HelloDive.com and director of "Wonderful Travel"

Chen Shuo, who fell in love with diving in 2015, created HelloDive.com, China's largest diving service platform. In 2018, he planned to shoot a travel program called "Wonderful Travel" with the theme of diving, land exploration, and new travel lifestyle, helping Chinese players know about diving and letting more people join this fascinating sport.
Ms. Allie Sun (Sun ZiTong)
PADI Scuba Staff Instructor/Freediving Instructor/Mermaid Instructor

Allie Sun is a PADI Scuba Staff Instructor, Freediving Instructor, and Mermaid Instructor. Also, she is the champion and the winner of environmental protection award and best popularity award of 2016 International Miss Scuba China; third place and the winner of best environmental protection award of 2016 International Miss Scuba; underwater rescuer of 2017 sperm whale rescue operation in Shenzhen; and the Secretary general of 2018-2019 Dapeng District Diving Association of Shenzhen City.
Mr. Patrick YIP
Managing Director of Songtao Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. / NAUI Course Director

At early 90s, Patrick has been entering into diving territory. For divers, a reliable equipment could ensure their safety for underwater exploring, meanwhile make them easy diving and feel its happiness to the maximum. An athlete related to diving could achieve better performance with the quality diving equipment. Patrick deeply understands that, so Songtao Trading (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd (short for STT) was born, which brings the world class brands, such as SUUNTO dive computers from Finland, BEUCHAT dive equipment from France, SEALIFE underwater camera from US to China market. He is very active for ocean protection, advocating underwater exploring with responsibility.
Mr. Wong Ting Kwok
ANDI Regional Manager of Huanan China/ANDI Instructor Trainer/ANDI Technical Diving Trainer

Mr. Wong Ting Kwok is ANDI Regional Manager of Huanan China, ANDI Instructor Trainer, Technical Diving Trainer, Wreck Diving Instructor, Cave Diving Instructor, CCR Instructor Trainer, and ANDI CCR Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Operator. He has conducted underwater archeological works for several times, having more than 20 years of diving experience and more than 10 years of CCR experience.
Ms. Maria Noella Zosa
Freediving Instructor

Maria Noella Zosa is also known as Wei. She is a certified yoga and freediving instructor. Wei specializes in vinyasa, power, beginners, restorative as well as yoga for freedivers. She is well-known for her creative and smart flow that enables her to connect and adjust with every individual in her class. Her knowledge in both yoga and freediving has greatly influenced her teaching style as she integrates techniques from both disciplines. Rather than a technical approach, she focuses more on the inward journey - as the body connects with the mind and self through asana (poses) in order to achieve calm and peace integral in the sport freediving. Wei’s proficiency in both yoga & freediving is evident in her achievements as a professional athlete.
Mr. Joe Chang
Underwater Photographer/Nudibranch Specialist

Joe Chang, an underwater photographer who expresses his love of underwater photography like playing music and a protected-species promoting activist from Hualien, has been studying Nudibranch for years on Green Island, Taiwan and is now an underwater photography equipment maintenance lecture and an exclusive underwater photographer for AOI. Since 2018, he has been giving lectures at DRT SHOW Taiwan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. His underwater photography was exhibited at DRT SHOW Shanghai 2018. Joe won the second place of UWPIXEL pro-shoot #12 2018. He was interviewed by Conquer Sport Taiwan and Blue Trend.
Ms. Zhao Meng
Member of Student Diver Association of Tsinghua University (SDATHU) Board

Zhao Meng was used to be the vice president of the Student Diver Association of Tsinghua University (SDATHU) and is currently a member of SDATHU Board. Due to firstly met scuba diving in 2013, she has become an advanced open water scuba diver. In 2017, she participated in the preparation and establishment of the SDATHU. In the past two years, she has organized a series of activities, especially for recruitment, orientation, underwater photography exhibitions, daily discover scuba diving and snorkeling training. She is currently a Ph.D. student at the School of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University, specializing in fluorescence microscopy imaging. Her research has been published in international academic journals such as Science Advances and Nature Communication.
Ms. Wang Yao, China
Professor of Second Military Medical University (SMMU)/Chief Diving Medical Advisor of DAN-AP

Wang Yao, a Ph.D. student of Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology at Tsinghua University, majored in oxidation mechanism and kinetics of nuclear grade graphite. Stepped in scuba diving in 2015, she got PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification in 2019. She is currently the minister of outreach department of Student Diver Association of Tsinghua University, focused on promoting ocean protection among college students and organizing student divers to join the Reef Check Program.
Mr. Enzo Zhao
AIDA Free Diving Instructor Trainer/SSI Free Diving Instructor Trainer/Founder of One FreeDive China

Enzo Zhao is the first AIDA free diving instructor in China, having rich free diving experience. Meanwhile, he is also the first AIDA master instructor, first generation of AIDA instructor trainer, and the one and only dual system (AIDA & SSI) free diving instructor in Mainland China. Enzo is the first National record holder of Static Breath holding and Free Immersion. At same time, he is also the founder of One FreeDive Club, the largest free diving club in China.

Mr. Jonathan Lin
Underwater Photographer

Jonathan started diving in 1996 and has more than 7,500 dives under his belt. He started underwater photography in 2011 and he is now the in-house photographer for 3 resorts in Indonesia. His works had been published in many diving magazines, inflight magazines, and also airline websites. Jonathan was also assigned to shot marine-lives-protection theme photos for Jay Chou. He has also graced a handful of underwater photo competitions as a judge. In 2018, he is also chosen as 1 of the only 2 Asian photographers in the Hugyfot Hall of Fame.
Mr. Michael Wang
FRTI Mainland China Training Responsible/SDI IT/ERDI Instructor/TDI Instructor

Michael Wang has 12 years of diving experience. He currently is SDI Instructor Trainer, ERDI Instructor, TDI Instructor, and FRTI Mainland China Training responsible.

Mr. Jay Ku
Freediving Instructor

In 2009, Jay started to learn freediving. Freediving is a sport which is full of challenge. Divers can learn about our ocean with relaxing and natural skills. Jay loves to travel and dive and also to record every detail of the nature when diving in the coast of Taiwan. Nowadays, he dedicates himself to the promotion and teaching of freediving, expecting more people to recognize this sport, meet with ocean, and love ocean.
Ms. Louise Chau (Kei Yin)
TDISDI Instructor Trainer Evaluator

Louise Chau certified as an instructor trainer since 2008. She is promoted as the first SDI female Instructor Trainer Evaluator and SF2 Close Circuit Rebreather instructor trainer in Asia Pacific area. She is also a CCR enthusiast and passionate about all diving related matter. Louise keeps learning and polishing her skills after being as a TDI technical instructor since 2004. With her passion of diving, Louise is seeking to pursue more knowledge and advance diving skill to enrich her diving dictionary. As an instructor trainer, she hopes she may pass the positive message and share her experience to encourage more divers become professional especially female diver.

Dr. Zhu Qian
Expert of American Association of Veterinary Anatomists, Ichthyological Society of China, Zoological Society of China, and Oceanology and Limnology Society of China

Dr. Zhu Qian, director of Institute of Marine Mammals. He has been engaged in Marine research for more than 20 years. He is an expert of American Association of Veterinary Anatomists, Ichthyological Society of China, Zoological Society of China, and Oceanology and Limnology Society of China. He has made great achievements in Biology of marine Mammals and Taxonomy and culture of marine fishes. In recent 10 years, he has devoted himself to the study of Chinese white dolphins. He has published many research articles in international Journals and published some books to remind people to protect the ocean.
Mr. Chris Liang
CMAS Underwater Hockey Coach/Champion of “China Cup” Underwater Hockey Championship/Founder of Underwater Hockey Beijing Club

Chris Liang, pioneer of Underwater Hockey development in China, first CMAS Underwater Hockey Coach and Referee in China, CMAS China Underwater Hockey Special Representative. Chris was the General Director and Champion of 1st “China Cup” Underwater Hockey Championship held in May 2015, which was the first underwater hockey competition in China. He was also the General Director of 7th Asian Underwater Hockey Championship (AUHC) held in September 2017 and led China Men’s Team to win the 3rd place as the Coach and Captain. Till now, he still devotes to teaching and popularizing of Underwater Hockey in China.


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